Alexis Jones talks her diet, favorite foods with Well + Good

Photo Credit: Julie Jacobson/AP

There are a number of integral elements to being successful in a league as tough as the WNBA.

In addition to a commitment to sharpening one’s basketball craft and maintaining an intense training regimen, eating the right foods is another ingredient to ensure a long career in women’s basketball’s top league.

Alexis Jones (Atlanta Dream) sat down with Well & Good to share how she makes sure she maintains a healthy lifestyle by way of a healthy diet. She mentions that even though she’s careful with what she eats, she likes to indulge in some fried chicken once or twice (don’t we all?!)

My coach told me I should start every morning by drinking a big glass of water, so I start each day doing that, followed by 60 crunches.

–Alexis Jones, Atlanta Dream (Well + Good)

Jones says she can skip breakfast here and there, but a common choice for her is chicken tacos at lunchtime.

…I just try to stay away from fried food since I have to head back to basketball practice after lunch.

–Alexis Jones, Atlanta Dream (Well + Good)

She says the classic movie favorite, popcorn is her signature snack … and who doesn’t love some spaghetti for dinner.

I don’t cook much, but I do have a handful of meals that I like that I can cook well, like spaghetti, chicken, or salmon.

–Alexis Jones, Atlanta Dream (Well + Good)

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