Atlanta Dream co-owner Kelly Loeffler sworn in as U.S. Senator

Photo Credit: Jacquelyn Martin/AP

It is official … we can call her Senator Kelly Loeffler.

Georgia governor Brian Kemp’s selection to succeed Johnny Isakson was sworn into her new Washington, D.C. office on Monday, Jan. 6. With Loeffler’s swearing in, the United States Senate now has 26 women within its current ranks.

According to Time Magazine, 20 senators were present for Loeffler’s swearing-in. Only one of them, though, was a Democrat – Sen. Doug Jones of Alabama.

Her plate, though, appears to already be filling up – including supporting Jovita Carranza to head the Small Business Administration and monitoring the unfolding situation in the Middle East after the death of Iran general Qassem Soleimani.

Loeffler also said in a recent interview that she plans to vote against impeachment of the president if and when the Senate takes up the impeachment proceedings.

I don’t think there was due process followed in the House proceeding, so it would be very difficult to understand how that would not be the conclusion.

–Kelly Loeffler, Atlanta Dream co-owner, U.S. Senator (per Associated Press)

She did say, according to an AP story that the Senate should act as a jury and offer due process.

Loeffler’s support of the president is a far distance from where the Atlanta Dream, which has come out in support of progressive causes, is as an organization. In November, Georgia will hold a special “jungle primary” where her name will be on the ballot alongside Democrats … and other Republicans.

One of those Republicans could be Doug Collins, currently representing Georgia’s ninth congressional district that includes virtually the entire northeastern part of the state stretching into Atlanta’s north and eastern exurbs. Those include Gainesville (Collins’ hometown) and a portion of Clarke County that includes Athens, where the University of Georgia is located.

Collins has been one of the president’s staunchest defenders against impeachment. His allies and supporters are sure to slam Loeffler on her WNBA connections during election season. Those connections include its support of Planned Parenthood and links to Stacey Abrams, who narrowly lost to Kemp in Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial race and is currently part of the WNBPA’s advocacy board.

Public Policy Polling revealed results indicating Loeffler may face an uphill battle in November. That poll says Collins has 56% of Georgia Republican primary voters compared to only 16% for Loeffler. It also says 27% are not sure.

While she’s in the Nation’s Capital, one will guess she will check out a Mystics game at DC Entertainment and Sports Arena when her Dream pay D.C. a visit…

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