Bank $hot: Breanna Stewart invests in NYC-based employer mental health provider

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If it is something Breanna Stewart touches, there is good chance it may turn to gold.

Or gold and green with a hint of UConn blue.

Stewart has not even hit 30 years old yet and already her WNBA resume is as impressive as anyone’s. Already two championships and two Finals MVPs and she appears to be just getting started.

Stewie appears to be just getting started when it comes to making her mark outside the WNBA realm as well. She is already one of the league’s most outspoken women’s rights and Black Lives Matter supporters and she has been announced as an investor in a behavioral health provider.

New York City-based Spring Health recently raised $76 million for a Series B to improve the mental health of workers. Stewart, as well as Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors, was announced as being among the new investors. The Tiger Global investment firm also assisted in Spring Health’s efforts.

The company did an initial $22 million haul for its Series A at the start of the year.

At Spring Health, we’re demystifying mental health and making high-quality care seamlessly accessible for everyone. Our approach precisely delivers the personalized care plan for each individual no matter where they are in their mental health journey, and we guide each individual through their journey through a dedicated navigator.

–April Koh, co-founder/CEO, Spring Health (release)

The WNBA itself would be smart these types of similar investments given how some of its most notable players (past and present) such as Chamique Holdsclaw, Liz Cambage and Katie Lou Samuelson have been open about their own bouts with mental health.

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