Barclays Center could be closed for ‘months’ according to NYC mayor de Blasio

Photo Credit: Lamar Carter

Now may not be the best time to put negative news – and energy – out into our coronavirus-infested universe, but the truth can be hard to share at times such as this.

This virus is out of control, seemingly getting worse before things improve. The predictions on when the situation improves have ranged from a few weeks to several months.

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is on the less optimistic end of the spectrum. According to the New York Daily News, he believes that the outbreak will last until the Fall.

New York’s governor – Andrew Cuomo – issued a ban on meetings of over 500 people in the Empire State in an effort to battle the virus.

Between de Blasio’s outlook and Cuomo’s edict, it could have an effect on Barclays Center – and New York Liberty games at the venue.

The 2020 season is slated to be the first that the Liberty will call Barclays its full-time home following two seasons where the team underwent an ownership transition from Madison Square Garden and James Dolan to Joe Tsai, majority owner of the Brooklyn Nets.

The WNBA recently issued a statement regarding Covid-19 where it mentioned players that are currently overseas with the season scheduled to begin in two months.

This means that as long as said edict is in effect, even if the virus has been contained by late April/early May, it could put the WNBA’s flagship franchise in a tough spot.

This is more than likely the time for all of us in the WNBA ecosystem to breathe, sigh and relax – and form prayer circles that the virus will be under control before the start of the season, the 2020 season will begin on time and the Liberty will play its full schedule at Barclays.

The 2020 WNBA draft class has already lost its chance at one more shot at March glory with the NCAA tournament being 86’d due to coronavirus. Positivity is needed that the virus also will not affect the W in 2020 as it has the NBA, G-League and 2K League.

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