Breanna Stewart to NCAA: show more respect for women’s tourney

Photo Credit: Nick Wass/AP

Sometimes, we get that feeling inside that something is simply there just for the sake of being there – even though we all know it is there and it is probably something important to acknowledge.

For the NCAA women’s basketball tournament, which has been a joy to watch this March Madness season, it has to feel like that. Despite all of the great games, it appears that once again the lion’s share of attention is being devoted, mostly, to the men’s side.

It all began with a tweet that was put out by the NCAA’s official March Madness account put out on Monday, which was supposed to be a creative and funny way of expressing frustration that all things tourney would be put on hold until Thursday.

The tweet definitely garnered its fair share of responses – including many that called out the NCAA for its seemingly gross lack of acknowledgement for the women’s tournament.

And while there is a dedicated Twitter feed that’s all women’s basketball all the time, the point of Stewie’s tweet – as well as those of others that replied – is to display that women’s sports are every bit of deserving of everyone’s respect as men’s sports are.

Slowly, but surely, we believe that the day is upon us…and those that constantly pilloried women’s sports for not being as “entertaining” as men’s sports will be eating their words and tweets.

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