Carolyn Swords joins Michelle Obama in Las Vegas to encourage voter participation

Photo Credit: Richard Brian/Las Vegas Review-Journal

It has been well-advertised how critical this year’s midterm election is to the future of this nation. With so much turmoil out there, voting is crucial.

Nevada is an important swing state where a Senate seat as well as the governorship and several House seats are up for grabs. Yesterday, the Las Vegas Aces’ Carolyn Swords joined former First Lady Michelle Obama and a host of other notables to encourage people to head to the polls and vote.

Swords, Obama, and other notable figures – including Kelly McCreary of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and Loni Love – appeared at Chaparral High School on behalf of When We All Vote, a non-profit chaired by the former First Lady.

Swords’ Aces teammate, A’ja Wilson, also has encouraged everyone to get to the polls and posted this on her Twitter feed two days to competing in her first game at the FIBA World Cup.

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