Chiney Drops Some Knowledge to Her 13 Y.O. Self On Latest Vlog Post W/ Grit Media

(Photo Credit: SF Examiner)

I think most of us would love to pull our younger selves to the side and drop some of the wisdom that we’ve HAD to learn along the way. That is exactly what Chiney Ogwumike did on the latest installment of her Grit Media vlog “Unfiltered”.

In this video, she advises her younger 13yr old self to expand her skill set and to not limit herself to what players of her size at the change are told to do. She also talks about maintaining integrity, and valuing the team experience. We often see the more talented players on a team gain more praise, and it can get to their heads. She talks about the advice she shared with her younger sister on the importance of the team experience, and how to avoid letting the exposure get to your head, especial via social media. Enjoy the 3rd episode of this fantastic series below:

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