Chiney and Nneka Featured on Comedian Mike Epps’ “That’s Racist”

“White Men Can’t Jump!”…or can they??

This is a stereotype that many of us have heard of, and Chiney and Nneka help comedian Mike Epps explore it in depth in a new AOL Orginal series, “That’s Racist”.

The hilarious mini-series follows comedian Mike Epps as he explores some of the many stereotypes associated with race and ethnicity, uncovering not only the humor, but also the historical and cultural context behind many of them. By talking to everyone from fellow comedians to everyday people walking down the street, Epps is able to navigate some of the most uncomfortable and even controversial topics in a lighthearted, respectable, and down right funny manner.

In this episode, Epps sits down with Nneka (Sparks), Chiney (Suns), and a few other lovers of the game to discuss where the stereotype may have originated from, as well as the lack of diversity among NBA team ownership. There’s even a little 1-on-1 action between Epps and Nneka, and we can take a good guess who owned who. Check out the full episode below:

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