Chiney Ogwumike defines ‘ConqHER’ with Eastbay-Adidas collaboration

Photo Credit: Lamar Carter

Scour the internet – or your handheld dictionary for the phrase “boss lady.” It is somewhere in the first tenth of the way scrolling through Webster’s pages. When looking at the definition, one may notice a picture – that of Chiney Ogwumike’s.

An All-Star on the court, a businesswoman and an activist off the court in addition to being a rising media personality with her own drive-time afternoon show on ESPN Radio.

But as her latest move demonstrates, she is just getting started.

ConqHER is a collaboration between Eastbay and Adidas, both of whom have done extensive work in the past with some of the WNBA’s best and brightest – including the younger Ogwumike.

The range of videos she did spanned from her inspiring the next generation of female athletes to what “ConqHER” means to the future of the WNBA.

We’re not born and raised overseas, we’re born and raised here in the U.S., so we should be valued more here.

–Chiney Ogwumike on the CBA talks

If I had one message for the next generation, especially young girls trying to make some moves, I would just tell them your dreams are valid, and no one should put you in a box. You can have it all.

–Chiney Ogwumike on her message to future woman athletes

My calling is to help this next generation because I feel so fortunate. I feel like my position is the exception and not the norm. There’s so many people out there that are hidden in plain sight, people that have been grinding hoping that their successes, their work will come to light.

–Chiney Ogwumike on what she feels her calling is

When you have something to say, it’s one thing to say it and another for people to listen – to actually listen. That’s the challenge – for people who may not look like, think, talk or act like you to really hear you, to really see you. So, I’m going to speak and speak loudly, and I hope there’s someone behind me who’s not going to wait their turn too.

–Chiney Ogwumike on amplifying her voice

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