Chiney Ogwumike lands full-time gig at ESPN

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The sisters Ogwumike continue to make girl boss moves.

The latest one of which came from the younger sister, Chiney. As she and her Connecticut Sun prepare for the upcoming WNBA season, she also made a big media move with the revelation that she has taken on a full-time job with ESPN.

ESPN is stepping up to the plate to show that young, female voices matter and they’re able to support my career so that I don’t have to feel obligated to go elsewhere to play.

–Chiney Ogwumike to Essence

I want to show women, especially my peers, that we can do something else. We don’t have to play 24/7. Men get about a four-month break, women are playing 24/7.

Ogwumike was also asked if she feels any added pressure with being a female voice at ESPN given that other female broadcasters have experienced their share of backlash.

I don’t feel any pressure because being young, female, African, and being there is already a win.

–Chiney Ogwumike to Essence

She also made sure to mention that after this year, all of the attention of the W’s fanbase will pertain to CBA negotiations. Ogwumike is the vice president of the WNBPA while her sister, Nneka, serves as the organization’s president.

The WNBA is at a really crucial moment. At the end of this season, we are going to go into our [collective bargaining agreement] negotiations when we’re going to try to create a better position for the current WNBA players financially.

–Chiney Ogwumike to Essence

By: Akiem Bailum (@AkiemBailum on Twitter, Instagram)

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