Chiney Ogwumike traded to Los Angeles Sparks

Photo Credit: Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty Images

The WNBA season begins in a month. Out in Los Angeles, the Sparks were already on everyone’s shortlist as one of the teams that could compete for a championship.

One move completed this past weekend may have vaulted LA to the top of everyone’s shortlists. And believe it or not, it had nothing to do with a certain Australian superstar who played in Dallas last year.

First of all, Woj breaking WNBA news becoming a thing? We’ll take it.

But that news that the younger Ogwumike tweeted about was that she would indeed be starting a new phase of her career with the Los Angeles Sparks after several seasons with the Connecticut Sun.

The move now means that both Ogwumike sisters – Nneka and Chiney – will be on the same team. Another thing that Connecticut and Los Angeles have in common is that ESPN, where she also puts in a lot of work, have major presences in both places.

What is just as remarkable about the trade itself is the fact that the Sparks did not really give up much outside of a draft pick. All it took was one draft pick in next year’s draft to complete the deal. This is a former #1 overall pick in the younger Ogwumike herself, which has led some to believe that there could have been more to the deal than a simple late-offseason trade.

Some have suggested that the deal perhaps was the only thing that would have kept her in the WNBA.

That above tweet does not look like someone who had hard feelings about leaving the Constitution State.

Anyway, this trade almost brings Los Angeles entire out of the Liz Cambage sweepstakes. It appears now that if a trade were to be made, Las Vegas would have to be the front-runner. The Aces, without a doubt, have the pieces to make the deal, and Dallas certainly wants to get a good amount of value for her before she becomes a free agent. But will that be enough to complete the trade.

Anyway, look out for the Sparks in 2019 with the W’s first family “leading the charge.” And…if it leads to even more great content from the Sparks social media, then it is safe to say Penny Toler, Magic Johnson, and Derek Fisher did something right with this one.

With both Ogwumikes now on the same team, one wonders now what will happen with Erica Ogwumike, projected to be a second-round draft pick in next season’s WNBA Draft.

In addition to the Ogwumike acquisition, the Sparks did indeed re-up with Chelsea Gray…and let everyone know about it.

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