Chiney Talks About WNBA Draft in 1st Vlog with Grit Media

Connecticut Sun star Chiney Ogwumike would know a thing or two about being nervous about the WNBA Draft: she was picked #1 overall last year. In her first video blog post with Grit Media, Chiney talks about the excitement and emotions leading up to the draft, and what the incoming rookie class can expect during the biggest day of their new professional career.

Chiney has teamed up with Grit Media for their “Unfiltered” Original Vlog Series, where she will post new videos over the next few weeks to interact with us fans, and to talk about various life topics. She will also be at this year’s draft, and will also be interviewing players and rookies and engaging with fans through social media. Check it out below, where she touches on everything from her birthday, her overseas season, Drake, and more:

Grit Media is an AWESOME platform that gives professional athletes a chance to connect with fans on a more intimate level through original  videos, posts, and photos. To check out more of their material, log on to

There is so much more to athletes that many people unfortunately don’t get to see, and it’s great to see players like Chiney embrace the chance to connect with fans through unconventional platforms like Grit Media and ours here at Beyond The W. #JoinTheMovement

(Photo Credit: Grit Media)

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