Connecticut Sun launch ‘Change Can’t Wait’ platform

Photo Credit: Lamar Carter

New England is an area of the country that gets a bad reputation for being a hotbed of racism in spite of its liberal political views.

The WNBA and its teams are not simply mere sports organizations – they have established themselves as change agents in their respective communities. New England’s resident team is no exception.

The Connecticut Sun announced the “Change Can’t Wait” platform in what it calls an effort …

To create year-round programming, messaging and activation via team and player outlets to eradicate racism and reverse systemic oppression in Black and Brown communities in Connecticut and throughout New England.

The four pillars of the Sun’s new initiative include an emphasis on voting in elections, educating people and connecting them with local non-profits and Black-owned businesses, outreache in the community (including the creation of an advisory board of local Black leaders and business owners as well as Sun players and staff), and the amplification of the message through the Sun’s social media platforms.

In addition, one of the ways the Sun plan to amplify this message is via an annual “Change Can’t Wait” game.

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