Dallas Wings announce $100K raised to help winter storm victims

Texas is still reeling after the devastating winter storm that slammed the state. It not only put the state in a deep freeze, but power was unavailable to much of the state and there are also water issues throughout the Lone Star State.

Slowly but surely, Texas is getting its lights back on and the state is in recovery mode after the storm. Texasโ€™ resident WNBA team, the Dallas Wings, is assisting in those efforts.

The Wings recently launched an effort with OurCalling and the American Fidelity Foundation help people sheltering from the storm at Dallas Convention Center.

The organization had a goal of $12,000, but in pure WNBA fashion, fans went above and beyond.

Over $100,000 was raised. Above. And. Beyond.

The Wings doing their part to help its storm-struck state. If only a certain Texas senator would be doing the same โ€ฆ.

Drag him, Nneka. Drag. Him.

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