Elena Delle Donne featured in Chicago Magazine

It is great to see great players in any sport get recognized for their accomplishments on the court, or field, of play regardless of gender.

Guess who just so happens to be featured in the upcoming June edition of Chicago Magazine–the Chicago’s Sky’s very own Elena Delle Donne.

In a city synonymous with basketball greatness, it is somewhat fitting that one of the world’s best basketball players once again plays for a team based in the Windy City. Among the topics Delle Donne discussed in the cover piece for Chicago Magazine include her training regimen, her time at Delaware, and the strides women athletes have made to gain the recognition they deserve.

The article goes into great detail of even though she is one of the faces, if not THE face of the WNBA, there was a period in her life where she began to detest the game of basketball.

Thankfully, over time, she was able to regain that passion she had for the game and is now one of the most influential figures in all of women’s sports.


(Original story and Photos: Chicago Magazine)

By: Akiem Bailum (@AkiemBailum on Twitter, Instagram)

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