Han Xu, Liberty call for end to anti-Asian violence

Photo Credit: Lamar Carter

It was one year ago when the atrocity known as Covid-19 made its way to American shores, but much of the research done regarding the virus appears to indicate that it originated in Asia.

Unfortunately, the United States as a country has never been shy in showing how racist and xenophobic it can be – and the pandemic has been no exception. Jeremy Lin recently revealed how difficult it has been for him and how he constantly gets referred to as “coronavirus.”

Han Xu, who plays for the New York Liberty and the Chinese national team, recently called out this violence in an interview with Xinhua.

It’s frightening and upsetting to see the rising hate crimes and attacks against the Asian-American community and in particular in New York, a community I love.

–Han Xu, Chinese national team, New York Liberty (Xinhua)

We all need to show solidarity for those being targeted and take action to stop this horrific violence. Please be kind to one another.

–Han Xu, Chinese national team, New York Liberty (Xinhua)

The inexcusable wave of violence against our Asian brothers and sisters also got the attention of the Liberty, who posted this to its social media accounts.

Joe and Clara Wu Tsai bought the Liberty prior to the 2019 season and have since moved the team to Barclays Center.

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