“I Would Like to See Our Women Treated Better”: Giants WR Brandon Marshall Shows Support for the WNBA

(Photo Credit: Gemini Keez)

There’s always a chance of seeing some familiar faces sitting in Celebrity Row at Madison Square Garden during any given night. This weekend, another New York sports star took in his first WNBA game, and it looks like it won’t be his last.

NY Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall, along with his wife, Michi Marshall, were in attendance at Sunday’s game to see the New York Liberty protect home court against the Seattle Storm. We later learned the he was in fact there to support his cousin, Lanay Montgomery, rookie center for the Storm. After the game, we caught up with Marshall for a quick chat about the game and his support of the league.

BTW: Its great to see you here today supporting your cousin, Lanay! What did you think about the overall game today?

BM: You know what? I’m a little embarrassed because this is my first WNBA game, and it was a great one. It took my cousin, Lanay Montgomery, to get drafted for me to come to really appreciate the WNBA. I think that regardless of if she’s playing here or not, I’m going to start coming to more games because it was a great game. Awesome venue. I think the crowd was into it, and I’m looking forward to it.

BTW: Recently, the WNBA released a commercial where many NBA stars voicing their support for the league and its players. Where do you stand in terms of supporting women’s sports and wanting to see them reach the same level of popularity as men’s sports like football?

BM: First things first, I would like to see our women treated better. In terms of TV deals, know that they are trying, and there’s a business side to it. So obviously, male athletes get paid more because there’s more funding, there’s more money involved. But I can’t wait to see our ladies treated better. They spend their lives and dedicate their lives to playing a sport and they entertain us. For them to be on salaries of $30,000 a year, I mean…they can work at McDonald’s and get paid more. So I would love to see more support.

Brandon definitely picked the right game to come to. In one of the most thrilling games of the season so far, the Liberty protected home court by beating the Storm 94-86.

It’s always great to see to other professional athletes support the ladies of the W. Many of them have friendships that go back several years, or in this case, have family ties. Now that the NBA season is officially over, hope to see some of those guys sitting court side as well. (*cough* Lebron and Draymond *cough*)

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