Joint study on behalf of WNBA, other leagues indicate few athletes suffer heart problems post-COVID

Photo Credit: Lamar Carter

More and more is being discovered about the infamous and dreaded COVID-19 disease – including the after effects of the coronavirus on people’s heart health.

A new study that was published by JAMA Cardiology on behalf of the WNBA (as well as the NBA, MLB, MLS, NFL and NHL) indicates that very few athletes suffered from heart problems if they contracted COVID.

The study examined nearly 800 athletes who tested positive for the virus between last May and last October with only five having developed heart problems. After the athletes were cleared to play, no athletes suffered heart problems.

This statement was issued on behalf of the W and the other leagues that participated in the study.

Approximately 12 of the 789 participants were women.

While the study’s findings are certainly uplifting, WNBA fans likely still remember the heartbreaking interview conducted by HBO’s Real Sports with Asia Durr of the New York Liberty.

Durr revealed that her fight with COVID has become so hard she compared it to if someone “took a long knife and was just stabbing you in your lungs every second.”

Durr is unsure if she will be able to resume her career.

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