Kayla Alexander joins Minister Karina Gould, TSN’s Kayla Grey for ‘Rally for Girls Education’

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Right To Play and Global Affairs Canada collaborated to put together “Rally for Girls Education,” which was aimed at encouraging Canadians to support the rights of girls who want to learn.

Kayla Alexander of the Minnesota Lynx (a team with a notable number of Canadians on its team – including Natalie Achonwa) took part in the proceedings along with Karina Gould, Canada’s Minster of International Development. The virtual event was hosted by Kayla Grey, a journalist for TSN.

Among the initiatives that was launched as a result of the week-long seminar was a social media challenge that wants Canadians to post a picture plus a story on social media of an inspirational girl or woman who has pushed them to keep on with education. The hashtag being used is #Rally4GirlsEd.

The event was attended by students from 13 universities across Canada.

I can’t even begin to imagine what my life would look like if I’d been denied access to the same schooling as the boys and males. I don’t think I would be where I am today. It is so crucial for girls to have access to quality education because we all know that knowledge is power.

–Kayla Alexander, Minnesota Lynx

Alexander told the story of Madame Cossette, a teacher she once had that she credits as her inspiration to attend Syracuse University and pursue a degree in education.

Right To Play also announced it is launching a program in three African countries with an aim to bolster girls’ learning and instill leadership qualities by breaking down obstacles and improving access to a good education.

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