You Should Know: Adidas Originals 2015

Adidas Tubular Runner

Adidas is making plans to pull away from the pack even further in 2015! Three of Nike’s top designers jumped ship to the three strip brand last year, and the roster of celebs that they’ve partnered up with continues to grow. Let’s break down the power moves. Adidas Originals  has been  doing  a lot with  a little.  Some of their most popular silhouettes are also the simplest.

Adidas Tubular Runner

Adidas Tubular Runner

Take the Tubular Runner shown above. A sock like neoprene upper on top of a thick  inner tube outsole. It’s so simple, it makes me wonder why they hadn’t  thought of it before.  It takes a lot of it’s style and materials from the Adidas Y-3 Qasa. If you don’t  know much about Y-3 , it’s a long standing partnership with Japanese designer Yoji  Yamamoto. The brand is known for their monochrome colorways, premium materials, and high price tag. Pairs can retail for $400 and up, but lucky for us poor folks, the Tubular only retails for $110.

Adidas Y-3 Qasa

The company has also been stockpiling celebrity endorsements, like 2 Chainz, Teyana Taylor, and Pharrell Williams to name a few. If you’re old enough to remember, Adidas was the first athletic footwear company to pen an endorsement deal a musician (Run DMC). By far, the biggest name attached to the brand is Kanye West. His departure  from Nike after the release of the Yeezy II was very public, and left sneakerheads wondering which direction he would go.  The buzz around  the collab with the Louis  Vuitton Don has been building and the shoe, now called the Adidas YEEZI, is scheduled to be unveiled at the start of All-star Weekend. There’s is even a link to a countdown clock. Type in in your address bar if you don’t believe me.

The ZX Flux is another model Adidas is hoping will outshine the mega popular Nike Roshe Run. Both have a mesh upper, both have thick rubber soles, and both are considered to be extremely customizable.  It’s mesh upper allows for almost anything to be printed on them, and Adidas wants to take full advantage. The company will be setting up a website similar to Nike’s ID program to make more colorways and material options available. As far as comfort goes, that you will have to decide for yourself. So before you rush to the store, or set up your bots for the 5,011th Nike/Jordan release this weekend , see what’s  going on at Adidas. You might be surprised at what you find.

Adidas ZX Flux VS Nike Roshe Run

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