Layshia Clarendon participates in Sports 4 Life Clinic in Connecticut

Photo Credit: Bryan Derballa

This past weekend, the Connecticut Sun’s Layshia Clarendon was part of the Sports 4 Life Clinic in Waterbury.

It was an event that was originally founded by the Women’s Sports Foundation and ESPNW.

There was a panel that took place that featured a number of prominent women – including Women’s Sports Foundation President Elana Meyers Taylor, Waterbury police detective Andrea Saunders, and Jen Lada of ESPN. After the panel, the girls that attended the event separated into groups and had an opportunity to practice some basketball.

Among the topics discussed were the significance of Title IX and how sports have played a major role in helping each woman pave their paths to success.

The Women’s Sports Foundation also donated $5,000 in addition to basketball to the recreation center.

For them to see that gold medal in someone’s hands, to see a woman who has short hair, to see another person who’s a cop and another person who works on television – representation is everything.

–Layshia Clarendon (per Hartford Courant)

I remember being a young girl and Ruthie Bolton coming to a camp once and being like ‘What? This woman plays in the WNBA? There is a WNBA?’ I just think representation means a lot, so for them to just see us is important because you have to see it to believe it, especially for a lot of young women of color.

–Layshia Clarendon (per Hartford Courant)

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