Liberty’s Joe Tsai backs Black Lives Matter protests at Barclays Center

Photo Credit: Lamar Carter

Joe Tsai, current owner of the New York Liberty gets it. James Dolan, previous owner of the Lib…not so much.

Let’s focus on the now and not dwell so much on the past. One of the focal points of the Black Lives Matter protests in New York City have been Barclays Center in Brooklyn, the home court of the Liberty as well as the Brooklyn Nets.

Tsai was asked by the New York Daily News about the protests that have taken place outside his building … and he is in full support.

Those of us who cannot possibly experience the personal pain and indignity of racism towards black people feel a sense of helplessness as frustration and anxiety reach a boiling point. But it does not mean that we sit idle.

–Joe Tsai, Liberty owner (New York Daily News)

We have said that we will use the voice and platform of the Nets, Liberty and Barclays Center to facilitate empathy and dialogue. In Brooklyn, the Plaza at Flatbush and Atlantic has become a place for people to assemble and have their voice heard. If it continues to serve as a place where everyone from our community – from residents to businesses to police alike – gather peacefully to listen to each other and find common ground, then it’s good with me.

–Joe Tsai, Liberty owner (New York Daily News)

The compare and contrast between Tsai and Madison Square Garden is stark. MSG initially released a statement believing it was not appropriate to comment on the protests and only recently released statements through its respective social media accounts.

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