Lisa Borders on why she chose Duke; racial tensions

Photo Credit: Earl Wilson/New York Times

For WNBA president Lisa Borders, her journey to becoming The W’s top boss was not easy as it was filled with obstacles—including racial animosity.

Borders, in this special for CNBC, talked about why she chose Duke University. She mentioned three primary reasons—accessibility, academics, and proximity to her hometown of Atlanta.

She described Duke as “majestic” and believed that Duke was indeed as advertised when she first stepped on campus.

Borders also talked about how she felt she always had a chip on her shoulder—particularly in high school where she said she was called racial slurs “every day.”


I was always about proving myself and demonstrating that I had the capacity and the capability to be at that school.


–Lisa Borders

She said to students that are about to begin their college lives to make sure they choose majors that they love.


Whatever you do in life, you need to love it and you will never work a day in your life.


–Lisa Borders

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