Lisa Borders speaks to students at Harvard

Photo Credit: Earl Wilson/New York Times

The ability to overcome roadblocks and speedbumps on the highway to success was a central theme of a talk WNBA president Lisa Borders recently gave to students at Harvard.

Borders, a former member of the Atlanta City Council who was influential in bringing the WNBA to the Empire State of the South, mentioned how she ran unsuccessfully one time for Atlanta’s mayoralty, but channeled that setback into becoming president at the WNBA.

Among the life experiences she talked about included adjusting to a desegregated school at a time where the country was just beginning to integrate and changing majors while attending Duke.

Borders says she has thrived off people doubting her.

That’s a very strong weapon. Don’t think I can do it? Watch this. It gives me inspiration when people say I can’t.

–Lisa Borders

The Center for Public Leadership at Harvard organized the sit-down with Borders as part of its C-Suite Sessions series. Among those that attended was the Harvard women’s basketball team. She also met with Harvard women’s and men’s basketball coaches and had a chance to tour the athletics venues.

The event was a blessing for me, and I’m hoping that I added some value here.

–Lisa Borders

(Original Story: The Harvard Crimson)

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