Lisa Borders stepping down as WNBA president

Photo Credit: Earl Wilson/New York Times

Is there much more the said about this one than…whoa.

This morning, it was announced that Lisa Borders, WNBA president for three years, will be stepping down from her role.

Borders was announced as the first president and CEO of Time’s Up.

Mark Tatum, deputy commissioner of the NBA will oversee the WNBA on an interim basis until a permanent replacement is found. Per a league press release, the find for a new league president will immediately begin. Borders’ official departure date is a month from now – Nov. 1.

We are extremely grateful for Lisa’s leadership and tireless commitment to the WNBA.

–NBA commissioner Adam Silver (per league release)

This is a natural transition for Lisa knowing what a champion she is for issues involving women’s empowerment and social justice and fortunately for us, she leaves the league with strong tail winds propelling it forward.

–NBA commissioner Adam Silver (per league release)

Since joining the WNBA, it has made a multitude of strides forward. In many ways, Borders’ tenure will be defined by the litany of business moves made to broaden the WNBA’s reach.

These included hosting the All-Star Game in places that have not previously hosted prior to Borders, the W’s deal for live streaming of games on Twitter, its change in the playoff format, its foray into the video gaming arena with EA Sports’ NBA Live, and its daily fantasy deal with FanDuel.

Another key characteristic the W has taken on under Borders has been its unapologetic backing of women’s issues inside and outside of the sporting realm, including the WNBA’s Take a Seat, Take a Stand initiative.

I was being not just invited, but encouraged – implored – to step forward and be part of this transformational change for women.

–Lisa Borders in exclusive interview with Vanity Fair

Whoever the new WNBA president is, that person will be entering Borders’ old role with a full plate. That plate includes working out a new CBA with the WNBPA, which will likely address issues such as revenues, marketing, travel, and player safety.

It will also include overseeing the impending sale of the franchise that plays in the W’s flagship market – the New York Liberty – from James Dolan and MSG as questions continue to swirl about who the new owner will be and where will they play – in New York or elsewhere.

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