Liz Cambage hinting she’ll leave basketball after 2020

(Photo Credit: SomeFoxTrails)

To say the least, Liz Cambage’s professional basketball career has been filled with ups and downs.

From her success she has experienced playing in Australia with the Opals to the stress of hoping she would be traded from the Dallas Wings, Cambage has hit many a peak and valley in her hoops career.

It is a storied tenure that may reach its conclusion after next season. The 2020 season could be her last in the WNBA and her last playing professional basketball. She was interviewed in a feature for Bleacher Report and talked about how she’s pondering her future outside of the game.

Right now I’m doing it. I’m loving it, but there’s so much more to life. And life is for living. I’m trying to have babies. I’m trying to focus on my other businesses. I want to live.

–Liz Cambage (Bleacher Report)

She said something similar for a New York Times story written by Howard Megdal.

Right now I’m just paving the way to the Tokyo Olympics.

–Liz Cambage (New York Times)

And I’m giving this career everything I can for the next two years, and then I will be stepping away and re-evaluating everything.

–Liz Cambage (New York Times)

For the time being, she can put her energies towards winning a championship in Las Vegas with the Aces…and her work on the 1s and 2s and she’ll be DJ’ing a party with Snoop Dogg during All-Star weekend in Sin City.

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