Liz Cambage opens up on her struggles with mental health in Players’ Tribune piece

Photo Credit: Lamar Carter

Slowly, but surely we are eradicating the stigma around mental health issues as our culture becomes more understanding that the pressures of today’s world do not always yield positive results for one’s mental health.

Liz Cambage’s struggles with mental health have been well-documented over the years, and the Las Vegas Aces star took to The Players’ Tribune to open up further on what has been really going on when the photography isn’t there and the cameras are not rolling.

She did not play in a couple of games recently for the Aces – against the Wings and against the Mystics. The official reason listed was “rest,” but she described the real reason in the title of her article.

DNP – Mental Health

She talked about the personal and professional struggles that have ensued just this year, including during All-Star weekend in Las Vegas and even made mention of a new NBA rule where each team must have a mental health professional on its staff.

… I won’t lie – it’s disappointing to me that we’re praising anyone for ‘progress,’ when so many women are being excluded from it. I mean….doesn’t the WNBA deserve this same program?

–Liz Cambage, Las Vegas Aces (The Players’ Tribune)

Cambage wrote that mental health professionals should be everywhere.

It’s treating someone as a human being.

–Liz Cambage, Las Vegas Aces (The Players’ Tribune)

She was commendably open and honest about what has been happening and that these lingering issues are still there. Her mental health became a story during the offseason as fans were following the saga of where she would play in 2019 – or if she would play in the W at all this year.

Cambage recently said in a couple of interviews that 2020 could be her last year playing basketball. While still battling these issues, she wanted to let everyone know that she is still keeping it pushing.

I’m still here, and still fighting this battle on a daily basis. And with the help of my family, and friends, and doctors, and amazing teammates and coaches and support system on the Aces, I’m going to keep fighting it.

And I’m going to keep talking about it – in as real a way as I know how.

–Liz Cambage, Las Vegas Aces (The Players’ Tribune)

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