Liz Cambage says she survived coronavirus after playing in China

Photo Credit: Lamar Carter

Watch only a few seconds of national news or international news or listen to only a few seconds of news radio and one will more than likely hear the word “coronavirus” uttered by one of its news anchors.

Coronavirus, which recently was designated as a pandemic by the World Health Association, has had the country and the world on edge – and has left a mark on virtually all walks of society, including sports.

FIBA had to move a portion of its Olympic qualifying tournament out of China and to Europe as a result of the outbreak. There have even been concerns on how it will affect this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo, which are about four to five months away.

Ask Liz Cambage if those Olympics will still continue, and she feels confident that the flame will still be lit this summer at Tokyo’s Olympic cauldron. Earlier this offseason, she played overseas in China and believes she contracted the disease only to defeat it.

She said, according to the Herald Sun, that she was ill while in China and was taken to a hospital near Beijing with coronavirus-like symptoms. Cambage said she had pneumonia and was in a wheelchair.

I actually was sick in hospital and I honestly think I had corona.

–Liz Cambage (The Herald Sun)

I think the media and public are reading too much into it and it’s causing hysterics in the general public. I can’t imagine them calling it off.

–Liz Cambage on coronavirus’ effect on Tokyo 2020 Olympics (The Herald Sun)

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