Lynx providing air conditioning to Williams Arena during postseason

Photo Credit: CBS

This was noted during one of the recent ESPN broadcasts of the Semifinals that just concluded between the Minnesota Lynx and Washington Mystics—but notice the tangled-tubing that is on the outside of the Williams Arena on the campus of the University of Minnesota?

That is, of course, where the Lynx are playing their playoff games this season since the Target Center is undergoing renovations in time for next season and St. Paul’s Xcel Energy Center is unavabilable because of the NHL’s Minnesota Wild.

That tangled tubing is air conditioning that the Lynx have dropped a cool $1 million to install because Williams Arena, which is almost a century old, did not have air conditioning of its own and it had to be installed so the venue would be up to WNBA standards.

The organization apparently had great foresight and prepared for the possibility this would be the case back in July as they contacted a company called Aggreko which sent engineers from all over the country to help the Lynx with installations.


We’ve heard that called a spaghetti mess or a giant octopus.


–Scott Werner, service center manager, Aggreko

Outgoing Lynx president Chris Wright said the goal was to get the temperature between 61 and 71 degrees since it was the ideal temperature for the players.

(Original story: WCCO-TV Twin Cities)

By: Akiem Bailum (@AkiemBailum on Twitter, Instagram)

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