Maya Moore “Wings” billboard makes its return – in a Minneapolis-St. Paul suburb

Photo Credit: Minnesota Lynx Twitter

Remember at the beginning of the season the Maya Moore “Wings” billboard that was featured prominently in Downtown Minneapolis, then was inexplicably removed by said city?

Well – that billboard has indeed made its triumphant return. Unfortunately, it has been placed in a Twin Cities suburb instead of adorning the downtown skyline where it belongs.

That image can now be viewed in White Bear Township on the Interstate 35E southbound side.

When the City of Minneapolis removed the billboard, a Twin Cities real estate agent was none too happy with said proceedings. Moore’s billboard – an homage to Michael Jordan’s original “Wings” campaign – has replaced that of said real estate agent.

It’s great to have it here in my home state. It’s something that was talked about, and now that it’s done, it makes me excited.

— Maya Moore

One would think that with the All-Star Game and all of its festivities and pageantry on the verge of taking over the Twin Cities that the City of Minneapolis would do more in terms of said billboard. It would have been a great opportunity for Minneapolis to not only welcome those who are arriving into the Twin Cities for the All-Star Game, but to pay homage to the team that is unquestionably the class of Minnesota sports.

Even if it was for only another short-term campaign and not long-term ala the billboard that LeBron James had in Cleveland before taking his talents out West to Los Angeles, creating a situation where a billboard gets relegated to the suburbs looks like a bad look for the City of Minneapolis.

After all – the WNBA is already dealing with one notable situation where a flagship brand has been moved from a city center to a suburb – ask the New York Liberty.

By: Akiem Bailum (@AkiemBailum on Twitter, Instagram)

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