Natasha Cloud calls out Washington Capitals social media for omitting Mystics’ WNBA championship

Photo Credit: AP/Nick Wass


How, Sway?

It is one thing for a social media account to callously omit when a local women’s team wins a championship and brings a sense of pride to a city, even one as politically savvy as Washington, D.C.

For the Washington Capitals social media to do it is another story, but that is what happened when the Caps Twitter had a congratulatory tweet posted after the Washington Nationals were victorious over the Houston Astros in Game 7 of this year’s World Series.

Cloud, a member of another Washington team that only … you know … won its league’s respective sports championship as well was having none of it.

Even worse, as Cloud and others have pointed out, the Mystics and Capitals are both under the umbrella of Ted Leonsis’ Monumental Sports & Entertainment. Meaning that Caps tweet might as well have been a situation where it was sent while sitting in the very cubicle across from whoever does social media for the Mystics.

Anyway, the Mystics’ image probably looks a lot better than that of the Nats right now, especially after their visit up the street to the White House….

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