NCAA unveils 5-year strategical plan for women’s basketball

Photo Credit: Dirk Shadd/Tampa Bay Times

The NCAA, for the first time, has unveiled a strategic plan that encompasses all divisions across a single sport. It is hailed as a framework to grow the game and outline guidelines for making decisions across Division I, Division II, and Division III.

The league’s report says that a key element of the plan is to spread positive information about the sport across all possible platforms – including for college administrators and even down to the high school level.

The TIP mentioned stands for “teamwork, inclusion, passion” and mentions leadership, the experience of student-athletes, compensation and championships among other elements.

A committee formed of members from the three divisions will be in charge of instituting the plan. Feedback to the proposal can be sent to the NCAA via email.

The plan was developed by many shareholders and a committee that also had a hand included officials, athletic directors, and coaches. ESPN was mentioned as the lone media entity it mentioned.

Prior to the report’s release, Lynn Holzman, the women’s basketball vice president at the NCAA held a press conference and expressed optimism, referencing how women’s basketball was perceived after previous Final Fours in terms of how it was covered and consumed.

The move to include all three divisions in a joint decision-making process will be seen no more clearly than in 2023 in Dallas, when all three championships will occur in the Metroplex on Title IX’s 50th anniversary.

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