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Who would play Skylar Diggins in a biopic? What social media platform is she most active on? Her current fashion obsession? These and many more questions were asked of the Dallas Wings’ Skylar Diggins in this week’s CulturePlay piece for The Undefeated.

On which show was the last she “binged” on, she said it was Issa Rae’s Insecure currently airing on HBO.


I was sad as I was watching the final episode. I’m looking forward to season two.


–Skylar Diggins

Diggins was also asked if there were any other sports she plays competitively other than basketball. The answer she gave to that question surely would “strike” a chord.


Being from the Midwest, we bowl. There’s something fun about bowling. I do really good or really bad. There’s never an in-between in bowling, but I love to bowl.


She also told a story of one time she wanted a pair of high-end shoes that did not fit her and that it was too late for her to return them. Purchasing something only to find out a bit later we really don’t want it—we’ve all been there.

She was also asked where her courage comes from. Diggins said it comes from her mother.


She’s really encouraged me to have the audacity to go after my dreams no matter what people may say or think about me. And I’m doing the right thing just to stay focused. She definitely had the courage to do what she was passionate about and make her decisions and be a strong role model, so that was the example I had.


(Original Story: The Undefeated)

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