Skylar Diggins-Smith discusses balancing makeup and workouts with Elle Magazine

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In the professional sporting lexicon, a commonly used phrase is: “Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good. Play good, pay good.”

In many ways, Skylar Diggins-Smith is one of the many embodiments throughout the W of the ability to not only put up big numbers on the court, but also be one of its more photogenic faces.

When chatting recently with Elle Magazine, she reiterated her desire to continue to be part of a beauty or fashion campaign – something she has partaken in a bevy of since joining the WNBA.

Elle asked about her “beauty and the beast” complex she has embraced in terms of her workout and preparation, but also in terms of her ability to make an impression with her game and her look.


I kind of have an on the court Skylar and an off the court Skylar, but my attitude and approach to the game is fierce and competitive.



But I also love the contrast. Getting my hair done and my nails done and embracing my femininity.


Diggins-Smith also confessed that she sometimes does put on makeup prior to games, but not too much since she knows it will not be there by the time the clock hits triple-zeroes.


If it’s a TV game or something like that, I’ll wear makeup. I’m pretty much a minimalist when it comes to makeup and my everyday life.


She was also asked about her workout regimen which she said can range from a two hour off-the-court routine where she focuses on her core to pool workouts. She said she will do body workouts for four days, then include basketball workouts for the other three. On the court, Diggins-Smith feels everyone should be doing a box jump.


A 12-inch box will work to do your box jumps. Box jumps help with explosions, verticals, and your legs get a good workout. I also do a lot of stuff for my core too, so planks and side planks.


She also mentioned her partnering with Body Armor and how she has incorporated that into her workout regimen as well as her Sky Camps which drill down the idea of a healthy lifestyle. After a holiday break, she will host her next Shoot 4 the Sky basketball camp in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 7. Living said healthy lifestyle can start with what one can be putting into their body. For Diggins-Smith, going cold turkey on red meat and pork helped.


I would say I have a pescatarian diet. I do eat a little chicken, but mostly fish. I try to meal prep for us and cook. I prepare veggies, meat, and potatoes beforehand because I’m so busy during the week. The meal prep helped me a lot and also saves a lot of money.


After games, she told Elle in addition to showering to get rid of postgame sweat, she uses oils – coconut oil in particular – to moisturize her skin as well as body spray, deodorant, and lip balm.

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