Skylar Diggins-Smith reportedly meets with Mark Cuban about WNBA-NBA wage gap

Photo Credit: Jon Lopez/NBAE/Getty Images

It began with a much-ballyhooed essay written by Skylar Diggins-Smith in which she referenced the WNBA-NBA pay gap.

She compared her salary, which she said was in the low six figures, to the $24 million that Harrison Barnes of the Dallas Mavericks brings in.

In addition, she also called out Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for not attending any Wings games.

It turns out that while Cuban may not have seen any Wings, she did see her herself at the Mavs office to talk about the matter.

The primary advice Cuban had for Diggins-Smith, according to what he told the Dallas Morning News, is for the players and league to create its own World Cup of basketball and exit FIBA’s so any and all revenue generated through it goes back into the league.

Of course, not addressed by Cuban, is how the NBA feels that investing in the G-League, which has a fraction of the attendance the WNBA enjoys is a bigger priority than investing in the women. That meeting, of course, happened a while ago, but it is definitely a primary topic of conversation today, particularly with the Oct. 31 date for either the league or the WNBPA to opt out of the CBA lurking.

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