Sports Business Journal awards 2020 Fashion Statement of the Year to WNBA hoodie

Photo Credit: Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

It has unarguably become the WNBA’s signature apparel item – and it is receiving its kudos from Charlotte-based Sports Business Journal.

The sports business publication has awarded the 2020 fashion statement of the year to the orange WNBA hoodie, a glowing indication of the league’s ever expanding growth and reach.

Posting pictures with said hoodie has become a hit thing to do on social media. Athletes from other sports, media and celebrities in 2020 at one point or another had themselves decked out in what has become the W’s flagship item of clothing.

Around the tail end of the season, the orange hoodie became the best-selling WNBA item in history – and the most popular product among the Fanatics network of sites. This was according to sales that were being compiled when the 2020 season first began.


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