Storm coach Dan Hughes talks to students at Ohio’s Waterford High School

Photo Credit -- Ken Lambert/Seattle Times

When the Seattle Storm won the 2018 WNBA championship, it was not only a victory for basketball fans throughout the Pacific Northwest.

It was a victory for coach Dan Hughes, who became a WNBA champion in his first season as coach of the Storm.

It was also a win for his hometown of Lowell, Ohio. Hughes recently returned the southeastern Ohio town to speak with students at Waterford High School. He spoke to the youngsters about never giving up in pursuing one’s dreams and having respect for others.

You know, along the way, what gets you to where you’re going is relationships with people, you know, and I’m in a life where winning and losing is where I’m judged but the respect you have for relationships are what builds you to have the opportunities I think to find winning.

–Dan Hughes, per WTAP-TV

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