Sue Bird talks with Seattle’s KING 5 ahead of All-Star Game

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In many ways, Sue Bird is the ambassador for this year’s All Star Game, to emanate this Saturday from Key Arena in Seattle. She will be participating in her tenth All Star Game as she was recently named one of the starting five for the Western Conference.

We will soon she if she will be joined by any of her Storm teammates—namely Breanna Stewart and Jewell Loyd.

Bird did a Facebook Live chat with local television station KING 5, Western Washington’s NBC affiliate.


There’s a little extra something because it’s in Seattle. You know, I want to make sure we put on a good show, represent for the city and the fans.


One topic mentioned a good bit was how Bird has managed to keep herself in shape which has led to the longevity she has established within the W.


I wish somebody had told me this. You know, at 21, 22. I do think that’s like the new thing in sports. I think you’re going to start to see it more and more at younger ages because why not. You know, why not take care of your body. Kind of get some of these old school mentalities out and bring in the new school.


After such a long and illustrious, many will wonder if she has thought about if her time in the WNBA is coming to a close. Bird says it is not something that has been primarily on the brains and that her health will make that decision for her.


I just feel like I’m on, like, a one-year plan. I’m just going to take it one year at a time, I’m not trying to like put a date or put a year or anything. I think at this point my body will probably tell the story. It’ll decide for me.


Interestingly enough, Bird also fielded one question about how Kyrie’s became her kicks of choice—and would she ever rock Jordans or LeBrons. She says the lightness of both the LeBrons and Kyries are what has her as such an aficionado of both.


I used to wear LeBrons. LeBron used to be my shoe of choice, especially like his Soldier model because they had a strap. Not a fan of the Jordans. I feel like that’s more streetwear nowadays, anyway. It’s not really what you put on to play basketball in.


Another of the more pointed questions asked had to do with how she deals with adversity. Bird says the lows of her career has prepared her to embrace the highs—referencing how she won championships in college after tearing her ACL and winning a title with the Storm in 2010 after numerous first-round playoff eliminations.


Every time there’s been some kind of adversity, whether it was an injury or just a crappy situation, I’ve always find that, you know, if you’re able to get on the other side of that, you’re stronger as a person, you know, and you’re stronger as a player. And it’s usually been something that has happened negative that has—that I’ve gotten through that has kind of propelled me in some way.


By: Akiem Bailum (@AkiemBailum on Twitter, Instagram)

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