Sue Bird talks WNBA, injuries, Black Lives Matter, sneakers with Showtime’s Desus & Mero

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Desus & Mero meets A Touch More.

The Bronx meets Long Island.

Sue Bird took a break from making absolute mincemeat of WNBA opponents with her Seattle Storm to chat with Desus Nice and The Kid Mero for a wide-ranging interview.

The future Women’s Basketball and Naismith Hall of Famer (and three-time WNBA champion) chatted it up with The Bodega Boys about injuries…

…I’m like, ‘Dang, I don’t want people thinking I’m old, this is not my fault this time…’

–Sue Bird, Seattle Storm (Desus & Mero)

…her initial experiences in the league…

…LA Sparks, they ended up winning that year (2002), so it’s like, Lisa Leslie, like big names. And so, you know, they would give it to us…

–Sue Bird, Seattle Storm (Desus & Mero)

They had a point guard, her name was Nicky McCrimmon, and she stripped me like three times at halfcourt…

–Sue Bird, Seattle Storm (Desus & Mero)

…expanded coverage in the WNBA…

…right now, in this moment, we are getting more coverage, obviously we’re one of the few professional leagues that’s playing…

–Sue Bird, Seattle Storm (Desus & Mero)

…Kelly Loeffler…

Once we kind of started to, like, look into it and understand what was happening, it’s was like, ‘Oh, you’re just trying to use us.’ So, when we start to make noise, she can be the one that’s like, ‘No, look, I’m going to stand up to these players. I am a Republican.’

–Sue Bird, Seattle Storm (Desus & Mero)

The ownership part, and like, everyone was trying to give it, like, that Donald Sterling thing. Not quite the same, which I respect, like in some ways, you know, from like what the league has to do. But for players, we were like, well we can’t just let this…so we tried to, like, be strategic on what we can do.

–Sue Bird, Seattle Storm (Desus & Mero)

…and we started to get to know Reverend Warnock who’s her Democratic opponent and that’s kind of where the Vote Warnock t-shirts came from.

–Sue Bird, Seattle Storm (Desus & Mero)


Deion Sanders said it best, like, it’s true – when you look good, you feel good, you play good. Like, I definitely subscribe to that. That’s part of it and Kyrie has, like, insane colorways.

–Sue Bird, Seattle Storm (Desus & Mero)

…her team…

Coming in, I think we were, like, projected to be number 1. We finally have our whole team back from a team that won the whole thing. So, our MVP for sure is Breanna Stewart, she’s killing it, but everybody’s playing well.

–Sue Bird, Seattle Storm (Desus & Mero)

…wubble life…

Now that we’ve been here, like, a little over a month, you know, games obviously started, so that’s good. I mean, (it’s) a lot of downtime. And you can’t get away from basketball. You’re like, in the, you know, I go in the elevator, I’m seeing, like, three referees, I go to try to eat breakfast, it’s like the team I’m about to play…

–Sue Bird, Seattle Storm (Desus & Mero)

… and even featured a cameo appearance from Megan Rapinoe. Desus even let everyone know that being a New Yorker, he reps the Liberty and how the emergence of Sabrina Ionescu has energized basketball fans around the Tri-State area. Bird, of course, is a Long Island native.

Bird is also putting her love of sneakers to good use. She and Diana Taurasi partnered with Flight Club to auction off exclusive kicks with proceeds benefitting the Breonna Taylor Foundation.

Flight Club announced that the Nike LeBron 17 Future Air and the Nike Kyrie 6 were being auctioned. Both pairs include names of Black women that lost their lives to police violence.

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