Sue, Skylar, and Elena Sit Down w/ and Complex News

It’s been a busy week for veteran Sue Bird, Sky’s Elena Delle Donne, and Shock’s Skylar Diggins, with the ladies sitting down with both Sports Illustrated and Complex News.

Last week, the stars sat down with Russ Bengston of Complex News for a round table discussion about their go-to kicks, the influence of social media, and how the league has evolved since it’s inception. In case you’re wondering, Sue’s sneaker of choice is the Lebron Soldier 8, while Skylar sticks with the Kobe’s (which makes sense since that is her fave player). Check out the cool converstation below:


In an EXCELLENT video posted on Sports Illustrated, veteran Sue Bird, Elena Delle Donne, and Skylar Diggins sit down and talk about what sets tops players like themselves apart. Not only did they talk about what makes a WNBA player different from another player with skills, but they also discussed each other’s unique skills and what special gifts they bring the game and the league. Check out this awesome video below:

So let’s break it down some more. What do YOU think sets apart a WNBA player from any other talented baller? Which WNBA player do you think has a unique gift above the rest and why? Leave your comments below and let’s chop it up!

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