Swin Cash featured in new Secret deodorant ad campaign taking aim at gender wage gap

This ad campaign is leaving no ‘secret’ about what its aim is.

The latest pitch by deodorant brand Secret spotlights the gender wage gap that exists where women are not receiving equal pay for equal – and in some cases, more – work.

The I’d Rather Get Paid campaign takes the feel of a two-minute music video featuring various celebrities – including one from the WNBA realm in Swin Cash.

While Secret’s products are expertly designed to protect women against odor and sweat, we believe there are some things women shouldn’t have to sweat – like getting paid what they’re worth.

–Sara Saunders, Associate Brand Director, Secret

As a brand for women by women, we want to build on the conversation around closing the wage gap, and give women the strength, tools, and inspiration to stop sweating the issue.

–Sara Saunders, Asssociate Brand Director, Secret

The spot also features actresses Sophia Bush and Samira Wiley, journalist Catt Sadler, and soccer great Abby Wambach.

Secret is also putting real resources behind the campaign. It has teamed up with the Ladies Get Paid and The Wing organizations to give women the tools needed to negotiate for higher wages. Women can access LadiesGetPaid.com for a free toolkit from Secret outlining strategies for salary negotiation. Secret and Ladies Get Paid will also visit various The Wing locations around the country where experts will share their ideas to women on higher salaries.

If the gender wage gap in the U.S. were to be eliminated, the impact would be tremendous – for women, children, and the U.S. economy as a whole.

–Sara Saunders, Associate Brand Director, Secret

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