The Undefeated profiles Ivory Latta and Elizabeth Williams’ crossover from hoops to Harvard

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A common criticism of the professional athlete is that the professional athlete is so focused on their game that when their playing days have concluded, they do not know what to do.

Harvard has looked to change that over the years with the introduction of the Harvard Business School’s Crossover Into Business program. The program used to only be available to NFL and NBA players, but has now been extended to those of the WNBA.

Per a recent piece penned in The Undefeated, an email was sent by the WNBA to Ivory Latta and Elizabeth Williams. They were hesitant at first to go forward with it, but eventually came around and gave it their seal of approval.


It’s definitely something I’m going to have in my back pocket, because I’m going to have to use this one day.

–Ivory Latta to The Undefeated

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I think a lot of people in their fields don’t really know how the money works in relation to what they’re doing, and that makes it challenging if there are certain things you’re trying to get done. So, it definitely opened my eyes to the importance of understanding some more of the numbers and even how to get to some of the numbers.


–Elizabeth Williams to The Undefeated

Among those who also took part in the program were Alana Beard, Seimone Augustus, and Tina Charles. Chris Bosh also once went through the program.

The athletes work with mentors and analyze various cases throughout the semester. At the semester’s close are the athletes delivering a case analysis to a panel of judges with the opportunity to be crowned “Crossover champion.”

Williams said she was particularly fascinated with learning about how some athletes and entertainers are successful because they think with a different brain than the average person.


These people at the top, they just think differently than most people. The case studies that we read were about sports and entertainment. We read case studies on LeBron James, Beyonce, Shonda Rhimes, people that are at the top of whatever field they’re in.


–Elizabeth Williams to The Undefeated

Latta admitted that she was somewhat nervous about the program at first given that it is Harvard, but was able to adjust.


I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous at first. When you think about Harvard, you’re like, ‘God, you know that’s a tough school.’ It was time for me to get out of my comfort zone and just do it.


–Latta to The Undefeated

(Original Story: The Undefeated)

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