Tiffany Bias talks basketball, fashion at SXSW

Photo Credit: Shay Cohen/UTA Shorthorn

(Video Credit: Champs Sports)

In this promotional piece for Champs Sports, the Dallas Wings’ Tiffany Bias had an opportunity to sit down and chat about basketball as well as fashion and sneakers while in Austin for the annual South by Southwest event.

Bias, first talked with Steph LeCor about how fashion is in Israel, describing it as “trendy.”

You can walk into the store and get some 11’s on the wall, you’ll be like, ‘I can’t find these anywhere in the States.’

–Tiffany Bias

She also mentioned how she did have doubters in her life that felt she was too small, wasn’t good enough or could not go to college. This was all, of course, before she got drafted into the WNBA to Phoenix.

Her advice to those that are in a similar scenario where people are telling them they cannot do something—prove them wrong via your work ethic.

Being in the gym when no one else is in the gym, and I live and die by this. It’s just, I never let anybody tell me no.

–Tiffany Bias

They also mentioned new Retro Jordan 6’s with the Tarheel blue colorway and how Bias would wear those kicks. In addition, they played a game of Pop A Shot, which Bias (not surprisingly) won.

By: Akiem Bailum (@AkiemBailum on Twitter, Instagram)

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