WNBA declares support for Los Angeles 2024 Olympic bid

Photo Credit: LA 2024

The City of Angels’ push to be the host city for the 2024 Olympics now has the backing of the WNBA and NBA.

Both announced its support behind LA’s 2024 Olympic bid as the 2024 bidding process has reached the proverbial fourth quarter.

WNBA president Lisa Borders described LA’s bid as “what is truly great about sports”—that they unite people and allow young people to dream big dreams.


With its unrivaled mix of imagination and innovation, Los Angeles—the home of the defending WNBA champion Sparks—is the right city at the right time to bring the spirit of the Olympic movement to a new generation and empower every little girl and boy around the world to dream big and believe that they belong.


–WNBA president Lisa Borders

NBA commissioner Adam Silver added that staging the Olympics in Los Angeles seven years from now would “bring the Games into a new era.”

Los Angeles 2024 says it will use ideas generated through the WNBA and NBA’s methods for sports presentation to expand the Olympics’ reach. Basketball events would be held at the LA Convention Center as well as Staples Center with the home of the Sparks being the site of the hoops finals.

LA is competing against Paris to host the Olympics in 2024, but speculation has grown that the International Olympic Committee could be on the cusp of a deal to award the 2024 Games to Paris—and the 2028 Olympics to Los Angeles.

The 2024 announcement is scheduled to be made in September in Peru.

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By: Akiem Bailum (@AkiemBailum on Twitter, Instagram)

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