WNBA players react to news regarding NBA G-League contracts

Photo Credit -- AP/Jessica Hill

We all have been questioning why the NBA decides not to do more to elevate the WNBA than it already has on its own.

What has been a topic of conversation is the state of WNBA salaries, which can significantly become less of an issue if the NBA were to show a larger financial commitment to elevating the women of the W.

The NBA did show a financial commitment announced this week…to the G-League.

It announced it would offer select contracts of $125,000 to top high school players as an alternative to the much-ballyhooed one-and-done rule.

This caught the attention of many a WNBA luminary.

Note – Chiney Ogwumike is the Vice President of the WNBPA.

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Must be fucking nice coming out of college getting that. We def didn’t see any money like that till we went overseas. AWAY FROM OUR FAMILIES AND LOVED ONES AND HAVE TO PLAY YEAR ROUND. I’m not saying that the dudes shouldn’t get it. So you crazy internet want to be thugs and you men that think women should just be quiet you can just sit y’all silly lil a## down! Something has to give before ppl just say the hell with playing durning the summer, and just rest our bodies and play overseas only were we can make a living for ourselves! People forget that we do this to provide for ourselves and our families. We do this YES because we love to play ball and for the Game! However, I can’t write on bill for the love of the game and think it’s going get paid lol!

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With an opt-out of the CBA looming for the WNBPA, the last that thing that needed to happen for the WNBA is for more players to question its salary structure. This NBA news may have practically sealed it that the players will opt-out on Halloween Day.

The NBA can clearly show a commitment to the G-League, but it needs to work with the W in ironing out a fairer CBA for the players – and untangling the New York Liberty’s ownership/arena dilemma.

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