WNBA represents at Battle of the Sexes movie premiere

Photo Credit: Instagram

Recently, a few of the WNBA’s most notable hoopsters were in Los Angeles for the premier of the Battle of the Sexes movie.

The movie surrounds the 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King, portrayed by Emma Stone, and Bobby Riggs, played by Steve Carrell.

Among those who made it to the premiere include Imani Boyette, Cappie Pondexter, and Layshia Clarendon.

Speaking of VIPs that showed up on the green carpet…


Notice the shirt as well that Clarendon was wearing? That would be Jemele Hill. And on Clarendon’s Instagram, she expressed how she felt about the controversy that has ensued involving the ESPN personality and her Twitter.

I support courageous people in the media who speak out, and especially those like her who speak truth to power and ensure black women are represented and have a voice.

–Layshia Clarendon per Outsports

Couldn’t have said it better.

By: Akiem Bailum (@AkiemBailum on Twitter, Instagram)

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