WNBA, WNBPA announce extension of CBA through Jan. 15, expect free agency to start in February

Photo Credit: Lamar Carter

The odds seem to be increasing that we will soon have a new CBA.

Earlier in the offseason, the WNBA and the WNBPA announced an extension of the current collective bargaining agreement through New Year’s Eve. With only a few days prior to the final day of 2019, intrigue had to be on the rise on if the two sides were getting any closer to ratifying a new CBA.

The two sides announced that the current CBA will stay in place for another two weeks through January 15 – with free agency expected to begin soon after.

We are making substantial progress toward a new collective bargaining agreement which we expect to finalize soon. In the meantime, we have extended the current agreement through January 15, 2020 and expect that free agency contract signings will begin on time in February 1, 2010.

–WNBA, WNBPA joint statement

This appears to be promising news as fans are hoping that a new and improved CBA gets announced by the two sides soon. The extension through January 15 may simply have to do with the holidays inducing a lighter work schedule, one that should return to normal the Monday after New Year’s Day.

A few days prior to Christmas, WInsidr reported that league and union were close and that its sources said that the only thing that remained was the “fine print.”

The last extension was for 60 days. This one being only for two weeks is a sign the league and union are close. We could be on the cusp of the announcement of a new CBA very soon.


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