WNBL prepares to host season in three Queensland bubbles

Photo Credit: Lamar Carter

Given how Australia has handled the coronavirus pandemic as opposed to … (grrr…) The United States … they may not necessarily have to host the upcoming season in a bubble like North American sports leagues have done.

But with coronavirus still raging across the world, Australia’s WNBL is taking no chances. And rightly so.

The WNBL will host its entire season in three bubbles in the three Queensland towns of Cairns, Mackay and Townsville.

Even more audacious than the triple-Wubble plan the WNBL is planning is how it intends to compress an entire 56-game season plus Finals between November 12-December 20. And we thought the 2018 WNBA season was compressed…

Spectators are being allowed, though, into WNBL games. An interesting concept of how fans get rewarded with viewing live sports in person (with no risk of having an unpleasant get-together with Mr. Covid) when they actually take a pandemic seriously.

Unfortunately for those such as Kia Nurse (New York Liberty, Canberra Capitals), the WNBL placed a moratorium on imports. WNBL fans will see Liz Cambage who will make her WNBL return with the Southside Flyers.


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