WNBPA tweets statement in support of Caster Semenya

Photo Credit: Francois Nel/Getty Images

When you are good, you are good. It can be lonely at the top, and those that simply cannot handle how good you are will find any and every reason to discredit your success.

Caster Semenya, the women’s 800-meter Olympic champion can definitely relate. All she does is win race after race after race – and does not conform to male-established gender stereotypes to do it.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled against Semenya recently requiring her because it is believed that her body produces an “abnormal” amount of testosterone and she has to take medicine to lower those levels.

The WNBPA, which represents another group of athletes constanly pilloried for being athletically gifted while women (and mostly African-American) tweeted its support of Semenya after the controversial ruling came down.

In WNBA circles, this should draw eerie comparisons to what Brittney Griner endured when she first made the transition from college to the W. Griner was so athletically gifted coming from Baylor that people questioned if she was even a woman – and if she belonged in the NBA instead of the WNBA.

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