Women’s Chinese Basketball Association begins its season with 18 teams

Photo Credit -- China Daily

While we stateside are waiting with bated breath for the WNBA to expand from its current state of 12 teams, it appears those in the W front offices need to take some notes from its equivalent in China.

The 2018-19 Women’s Chinese Basketball Association season tipped off on October 18. Previously at 12 teams, it expanded to 14 prior to last season and now will be at 18 for the 2018-19 rendition.

The press conference in anticipation of the season was attended by Shao Ting, captain of the Chinese National Team and Chinese Basketball Association chairman Yao Ming.

Two of the incumbent teams became one squad and five new teams will be added – Henan, Tianjin, Hubei, Hebei, and Fujian.

Yao’s aspiration for the WCBA is simple – transform it into the world’s premier women’s basketball league.

In the future, we want to set the WCBA as a standard in terms of the quality of the games, services, and all other details.

–Yao Ming, CBA chairman

We want our league to showcase great basketball and a great platform for female athletes to display their confidence and ability.

The larger WCBA was also met with rave reviews from the Chinese national team’s captain.

We welcome expansion because it gives more opportunities for new talent to compete and gain experience

–Shao Ting, Beijing’s Great Wall

This will benefit China’s women’s basketball development. The more players participating, the bigger their influence will be.

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